Why can't I

Why can't I be happy?

How many times a day we ask ourselves this same question, and we can't find the right answer. Today, I am going to tell you the answer using an interesting story:

On a certain occasion all the gods met and decided to create man and woman; they planned to make them in their image and likeness, then one of them said: wait, if we are going to make them in our image and likeness, they are going to have a body equal to ours, strength and intelligence equal to ours, we must think of something that differ from us, otherwise we will be creating new gods. We must take something away from them, but what will we take away from them? After much thought, one of them said: I know, we are going to take away their HAPPINESS, but the problem will be where to hide it so that they will never find it.

One proposed: we can hide it on the top of the highest mountain in the world, to which another immediately said: no, remember that we have given it strength and someday someone may reach the top and find it, and they will tell everyone.

So let's hide it at the bottom of the sea, said another. No, remember that we also gave them intelligence and someone could get to the bottom and find it.

Then we could hide it on some planet far from earth, said another. I don't think so, because someone can think of making a ship that can travel outside the earth and find it.

The last of the gods was the one who had remained silent and listening carefully to the proposals, broke the silence and said: I think I know where to hide it so that they never find it, everyone asked in amazement: where? We will hide it within themselves, they will be so busy looking for it outside that they will never find it.

They all agreed, and it has been that way ever since. MAN SPENDS HIS LIFE LOOKING FOR HAPPINESS, WITHOUT KNOWING THAT HE BRINGS IT WITH HIM...