The Pearl

Hello, my dear readers:

How are you? I hope very smiling. Today I bring you an exercise for our SELF-HELP, we are going to practice it throughout the week.

But first I want to tell you the story of how a pearl is formed and the great example it leaves us.

Do you know how a natural pearl is formed? Well, I tell you what is formed in an oyster. When a foreign body (for example, a grain of sand) enters the interior of the oyster or mollusk, it hurts it by making a deep wound and, to heal itself, it covers it with a mixture of calcium carbon crystals (CaCO3) and a protein called conchiolin, forming the substance that we know as nacre.

If an oyster or mollusk can make something as beautiful as a pearl, imagine what we can do, that we are thinking beings and that we have the rudder of our lives?

Why don't we learn from the oyster and with each grain of sand or stone that comes our way, make a beautiful pearl????

Why not, we enjoy the beautiful things that life gives us day by day, let's stop looking at the ground and observe the starry nights, the sun, the rain when it falls on our face, the perfume of the flowers, the contagious smile of children... We have so many things to enjoy and because we are so worried, we don't see them and the oyster from the bottom of the sea gives us a life lesson, with the pain caused by that grain of sand, it transforms it into a valuable jewel for the human being

That's what today's proposal is about, let's see the beautiful things we have to give to others. From every problem, from every pain, let's build a beautiful pearl. We are intelligent beings, therefore, we can achieve everything we set out to do.

I say goodbye thinking about the pearl necklace I'm going to wear this week. I hope you will count your pearls, and I am sure you have many.

Good luck.