The donkey and the farmer

Hello my fellow readers,

Today I want to share with you a story that an old friends sent me that I thought would be morally right.

The donkey and the farmer

Once upon a time there was a farmer who had a donkey with which he worked on his land, plowing, and preparing it for the next planting season. 

One day when he woke up and went to look for his donkey to start his chores, he was nowhere to be found. So, he went to look for his neighbors to ask them if they had seen him and to help him look for him.

They all helped the farmer to look for his animal, they searched everywhere until they found it, the donkey had fallen into a deep well.

The neighbors began to apply different methods to remove it, but none of them worked. So, they decided to let him die there and throw dirt on him.

Did they start to throw dirt on it until they discovered that the donkey poked its head out of it and ran away before the questioning eyes of everyone present, wondering what had happened? And how do I get out?

Well, every time dirt fell on its back, the donkey shook itself and in this way the earth gathered on the floor and the animal took a higher step and, in this way, not only did they save the donkey, but they covered the well so that no one else would fall again.


How many times do we allow ourselves to be buried by what people say, by what they will say and by their criticism and we stop our dreams leaving them in oblivion.

Why don't we use those criticisms to climb one more step and get ahead, with criticism we can measure where we really are.

Let's take advantage of negative things, shake them, and transform them into positive things in our lives and thus we can live a long happy life.

Let's start today; shake the negative that they throw at us and draw in strength and decide only with your heart. Transform your life, you are a very valuable person, no matter what others say, what matters is what you think of yourself, and you are willing to continue climbing your own ladder to achieve your dreams.